For our mains, we ordered a plate of duck rice from Long House Soo Kee Duck Rice, and we were served a plate of messy-looking rice, topped with duck meat with a hard-boiled egg served along the side. However, the dish was awesome! 😋 The duck meat was really tender and there were no bones at all, so it is not a hassle at all to finish the duck meat. Furthermore, we love that some of the duck meat still has a layer of skin/fats on them, and we really love those chewy portions too!

However, what we thought really differentiated this duck rice from other duck rice is the rice itself! Soo Kee's version drenches the rice in a sweet gravy that was full of flavour. As a result, the rice doesn't taste dry and boring at all, unlike that at many duck rice stalls around Singapore! There is chilli served along the sides, and it is only slightly spicy and has a tinge of sourness to it as well (probably from lime), but we thought it adds another type of flavour to the rice if you like it!

This is one of the tastiest duck rice that we have had in Singapore and for only $4++, you should definitely try it out if you are planning to have a meal at Balestier Market. 😋😋😋