We went during lunch and opted for the cheapest lunch menu which comes with 7 pieces of sushi.

Served by Chef Hatch this time, this is a far better experience than the one I had at Hashida last year. It is easily the best omakase that I ever have. Every piece of sushi is very flavourful and out of the world. The only disappointment is that it ended too soon for something so good! Am sure the dinner omakase experience will be even better.

Started off with sesame tofu which has the texture of mochi, followed by chawamushi with sweetfish & water chestnut. The water chestnut was crunchy and sweet. However, the real highlight of the omakase was the sushi.

The 1st sushi was ika and the rice was very warm. The temperature helps to accentuate the taste of the squid.

Not expecting much from the akami, but it was actually very well marinated and well aged. Never have such flavourful akami before. Chutoro was the best chutoro too with a strong yuzu flavour.

Barracuda was the most memorable of the lot and the chef's favourite too

Honestly, words are inadequate to describe how wonderful this omakase experience was.