Practically rolling out of Thevar with my dress almost bursting at the seams; I was really impressed with the satisfying multi-course menu ($288++). My wallet might be crying but my tummy was singing happy tunes. Said to be rooted in Indian traditions and crafted with European techniques, the lineup was pretty stellar and each dish held a beautiful punch. Starting strong, the snacks were to die for, in my opinion. The Strawberry Chaat, in particular, being the unanimous favourite at the table. The thin tart crust was so delicate and the rush of flavours from the juicy berry bits and spices really delivered a balanced yet fun surprise - fresh, sweet and savoury. The tender Iberico crispy pork wrapped in betel leaf was a flavour bomb too with the sambal aioli. The marble-like Beetroot Pani Puri was a delightful number as well and served as a tangy palate cleanser of sorts with the bright pop from the buttermilk and pomegranate.