However, it can be a headache when you are the organizer. There is a lot effort in sourcing different food, travel to different locations to make order and collection. This Pandora Mix & Match is the perfect choice for party planners. It is very convenient to order online and arrange for a delivery right to your door step. You can personalise your own snack box by mix & match. Totally spoilt for choices! From pizza to danish to eclair to ang ku kueh to nonya kueh. I have ordered assorted danish and assorted nonya kueh. What I like about Danish pastry is the buttery and flaky dough and its sweet toppings including cinnamon, vanilla creme, apple coronet and more! The assorted nonya kueh is soft and not too sweet or too rich in taste. Definitely going for a second piece!
Where to buy?
Head to their website via their IG @chozsg

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