This is pretty value if you manage to hit the timings with eatigo 50% off! The Garlic & Ginger Chicken Hor Fun came with multiple large chunks of tender chicken and loved the abundance of ingredients, but definitely lacking the wok hei char though it was still a pretty decent heart bowl of horfun. The Malay Chicken Rendang was very flavourful though we would have preferred it with beef, and the Stir Fried Vegetables were so so and Yellow Rice was not as flavourful as I expected. The true value comes with the appetizer and dessert buffet ✨✨ Appetizer bar comes with a DIY rojak station (unlimited youtiao yummm), breads (really good to dip with the peanut sauce!!!) and cheese with a huge variety of oils, good variety of salad with nuts and bacon bits, gado gado with peanut sauce and some sides (achar etc). Dessert bar was definitely way more extensive with a good variety of pretty decent cakes (chocolate brownie (yum!!!, carrot cake (loved the citrusy oomph), pistachio (meh), strawberry mousse (meh)), cherry pie (this was more meh than it looked), coffee eclairs (yaaas) and a huge ice cream bar (which I’ll be back to try!!!). Drinks include ice lemon tea and infused water, as coffee and tea. They close the bars exactly at 1430 so grab your food quick if you’re going with eatigo 50% at 1400 😂😂

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