By far, I think this is one of the most authentic places to get Chinese BBQ and dishes, as the ambience, people and food really did bring me back to the good times I had in China.

We had a variety of skewers, from potato to mushrooms to different meats and they were all really delicious! Most if not all of the skewers were seasoned similarly, using chilli, cumin and pepper spices. The seasoning isn't too salty, and the cumin flavours really come through.

As for vegetable options, one of my favourite is the potato slices, as the potato slices were smoky and had a wonderful crust that reminds me of potato chips. Biting through the crust reveals a creamy center within which is just satisfying.

As for the meats the pork belly skewers were quite tough, the chicken slices were okay but the best were the mutton skewers. Smoky, meaty and yet tender, these mutton pieces did not have any gaminess at all too.

The sweet bread skewers weren't that fantastic, as we expected a certain crust but it was just soft all the way. Perhaps mantou is a better option.

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