[INVITED TASTING] Had a wonderful feast at 49 seats recently, and I'm definitely coming back!

With a large seating area, 49 seats serve up western food with some Asian twists. Here are some of my favourites:

Fish and Chips with Tom Yum Sauce ($19.90): love the light crispy batter, with the meaty flaky fish within 😍 the tom yum sauce was not too spicy, and had the right amount of sweet and savoury flavours. Such a huge portion to enjoy as well!

Smoked Duck Aglio Olio ($17.90): not only the pasta was in a huge portion, they were generous with the smoked duck slices as well. Just a little spicy but very garlicky, the aglio olio was so addictive! So glad the pasta noodles were al dente and had a good mouth feel.

Salted Egg Popcorn Chicken ($11.90): when popcorn chicken is already an addictive dish, the savoury salted egg sauce added another dimension to the dish 😍 I just kept on eating and couldn't stop all the way till the end of the meal!

With quality food, generous portions and reasonable prices, this is one option to go for when you're in town! Thank you @eatwithkeat for the invite and @49seats for hosting us!

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