There has been much talk about Threepointtwo at Kampong Bahru over the past week — most having mentioned their waffles and ice-cream given how they are the new ice-cream parlour which had recently opened in the neighbourhood, which has interestingly seen a rising of cafes of the late (think at3, Kream & Kensho etc. along the same stretch).

Opened by the same folks behind Pangzi Durian in Jurong West, the Durian Mousse is one of the items I would actually recommend one to go for as well. Having tried Pangzi Durian on one of the rare trips I had made to Jurong West, I liked how their Durian Mousse is pretty rich with pungent with the distinct notes of the king of fruits. The mousse itself is sufficiently creamy, but it’s the additional shots of D24 here that takes the cake — a generous scoop of fibrous D24 flesh that is not to be missed by durian lovers that gives the mousse that buttery sweetness amidst the pungent notes. And if a single shot isn’t enough, one can also request for a double shot to be added — just like how one can do the same to their cuppa at a specialty coffee joint.

While the ice-creams are decent in flavour here and that the waffle is actually pretty plush and wafts of an alluring hint of buttermilk fragrance, I am more inclined to give the durian desserts and cream puff items a go instead — the Earl Grey Puffs reminds me of the good ol days of Neato.100 and Shuu Choux; the combination of crisp and light choux pastries of the latter and that aptly creamy filling carrying an intense tea aroma of the former during its prime at Burlington Square. And did I mention one can also try Butternut’s thin-crust pizzas here without making the trek to the far West of Taman Jurong? A destination worth considering for hipsters who want a little bit of everything all under one roof; from hot (snack) food, to ice-cream, specialty coffee and durian desserts — and one that is relatively centralised as well.