We ordered the Pulled pork burger and the meat lovers pizza.

Pulled Pork Burger
Pretty good burger. The pulled pork was juicy and tasted fresh. The burgers came with some fries, which were pretty standard. The size of the burger was moderate, not too big but also not too small that makes you wanting for more – it’s just the right size.

Meat Lovers Pizza
They only serve thin crust pizza here. The crust on the pizza felt overdone and felt biscuity. This dish is primarily meant for sharing among a group of people but if you love pizza, you might eat the whole thing for yourself. Taste wise, it was pretty alright, nothing special but also nothing too bad.

The place itself is mainly a drinking establishment and is designed in such a way. Music is blasted on speakers (think club music) and they have screens showing sports highlights. They also had a Halloween theme when we went there which was pretty cool. We were there around 6pm and the place was pretty empty with just 1 or 2 other diners. Though more people started streaming in subsequently.

Overall, I think it’s an alright place and would recommend if you have discount code, if not you can find better value for the prices elsewhere . That being said, I would think it would make a good drinking spot and to chill with friends.

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