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We're here for the wanton mee ($4 for small size), but were drawn by this plate of meatballs ($7).
Simply fried, with a special sauce to go along with. The meatballs are addictive. I could eat them all by myself. Some meatballs have too much flour. These are not like that. Each bite is a mouthful of meaty goodness. Rather juicy, with right amount of seasoning. Not too salty. These are like what I would have at home. Nice!
The wanton mee does not disappoint, though I would call the size "snack" size. Small bowls for dainty appetite. However, it does not rival my fav wanton mee spot (at 117 Geylang east food ctr).
I would not come here for wanton mee cravings, but I'll definitely pop by if I'm somewhere near.