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Made with absolutely no food dye, the eye-catching dome made of purple sweet potato can attest to how much natural goodness you're getting, which is more than what many cafes can say for the heartstopping amounts of artificial colourings & flavourings in many conventional options. With taro cream, coconut sago and almond sponge inside, the pastry has a pretty well-rounded earthy flavour that makes me reminiscent of Burbur Chacha, a traditional dessert prepared with similar ingredients. I love how well the grainy texture of taro complements the lightness of the almond sponge, creating a dessert that is light but does not skimp on flavour. Since the flavours are as natural as it can get, it can be a culture shock for people who've never had taro, but the good news is that there's more of it for all taro lovers out there! 💜💜💜

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