Pulled brisket burger ($7.50 for single patty)
Added $2.50 for cheese fries.

It's really tasty, the menu says the brisket has been cooked for 36 hours and I do believe it. No complaints there, hands down.

There's a reason why fork and knife are provided for. It's so juicy that the bottom burger is sooooo soggy and basically has disintegrated. There's no way it can be picked up by hand and it's kind of disappointing that the experience of eating a burger by hand is taken away from you.

Also, they mistook my order for takeaway and hence it came in this packaging and I wasnt able to take a photo of the frontal view with the meat.

But back to the taste, it's really good so will be back to try other flavours!
And the cheese fries is good too! Good texture and generous amount of cheese 😋

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