Looking at Food Anatomy’s range of beautifully constructed savoury food cubes, I see it as a way to reshape how we consume our local delights and bring convenience when we need a quick meal fix.Hence having the staff recommend three of their more popular flavours, I got the Yuzu Salmon Rice, Bacon Potato and Teriyaki Chicken Rice.

Combining two well-loved ingredients - bacon and creamy mashed potatoes, the Bacon Potato could hardly go wrong (kinda tasted like a compact shepherd’s pie). The lightest of the three, the Yuzu Salmon Rice had a nice hint of citrus with spinach and beetroot rice as base. Packing lots of flavour, the Teriyaki Chicken Rice cube though not as vibrant as the other two had more balanced layers as the gravy-soaked calrose rice were able to pull the elements together.

Overall, the proteins can get a tad dry but having them on a whole still makes for a satisfying and substantial meal. Great for take-aways and when you would like to try a variety.