From SG Braised Rice at Food Opera ION Orchard; the stall is by the same folks behind Thai Village Restaurant and serves braised rice with a variety of different condiments; think fried chicken to fish maw and even pan-fried unagi.

I am usually one who doesn’t get very impressed with the stalls that food courts have to offer, but I must say that SG Braised Rice is perhaps one that changed my perception quite a fair bit. The braised sauce is pretty similar to a good Hor Fun gravy, providing the white rice some flavour especially when mixed with the sauce. Fried chicken was crisp on the exterior and succulent inside, while the braised sauce also comes with a decent portion of greens, mushrooms and seafood; the greens providing a crunch, while the mushrooms giving a good chew whilst carrying an earthy flavour. Seafood includes fresh shrimp, but what’s pretty impressive was getting a rather plump scallop alongside. One of the better options around Food Opera ION Orchard, and perhaps one of the few food court stalls that I would seriously not mind going for again.