Note: This item is not found on their signboard! We showed ieatishootipost's Instagram post to the stall aunty to tell her what we wanted 😅 She'll ask if you want your noodles crispy or not. The version we've got is the non-crispy version.

Portion for 2 pax: $22

The omelette is certainly like a thick, comforting blanket over the noodles! The centres are moist (not like the usual fu rong egg that's fluffy from the deep-frying) and generously topped with lotsa huge prawns. The prawns are scrumptious! Fat, crunchy and one word: 鲜! About 10 huge prawns found on my plate. The noodles are eemian, stir fried with lotsa lard and vege. The lard cubes are crunchy and add an added dimension of fragrance to every mouthful of noodles! Two of us girls couldn't finish the noodles. Probably cos we ordered another plate of 排骨王! I really love the omelette and I'll be back for it!

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