It's not easy to stand out amongst the crowd with the increase in Korean chicken joints. Since Nene Chicken is primarily a fast food joint, I was hoping for a quick and fuss-free experience. Unfortunately, service was slow, and the staff were nonchalant. Finding a seat in their cramped premises is near impossible. And we waited for a good half an hour before our chicken got served. Nevertheless, the chicken was its saving grace. The wings were cooked perfectly, the meat tender and falling off the bone. The bulgogi sauce was a winner, and gave the chicken its distinctive Korean flavour. It was sweet, slightly tangy, and not that spicy. Those looking for more kick should go for their spicier sauces. My main gripe was that the chicken was not the crispy kind, which I guess could amount to a personal preference. 18 wings and drumlets are given, which makes it a better deal in my opinion as compared to Chir Chir which can cost up to $30. This was priced at $22.90