Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

This is a list of fried chicken that is really finger-licking good
Yeung Kai Ho
Yeung Kai Ho

So great to have KFC in a coffee shop! The chicken was so crispy and juicy, and not oily at all. They were quite generous with their honey butter powder, which surprisingly went really well with the fried chicken. The other flavours (spicy and soy) weren’t that great - the sauce was a little too wet for my liking and taste-wise, not as interesting as the honey butter. Quite cheap for KFC and definitely worth the price!

The chicken itself was quite good - the skin was nice and crispy, while the inside was juicy and tender. Their flavours were pretty decent - best would be their honey soy which is both sweet and savoury. Their 'crispy' flavour was a bit of a turn off as it's basically just normal fried chicken without any sauce. Chicken aside, we were kind of surprised at the price; being located in the heartlands, the prices were similar if not greater than that of Chir Chir (which reigns supreme imo). They also don't serve ice water, so be prepared to leave thirsty unless you pay for (as always) overpriced soft drinks.

Unfortunately we made the mistake of ordering their honey mustard sauce, which was essentially a whole fried chicken served with honey mustard dipping by the side. This lead to the chicken tasting like an upgraded version of KFC, having all the crispness without the excessive oil and fat. For the terrible dining experience, I would say you might be better off eating at other Korean chicken places. Priced at $22.90


It's not easy to stand out amongst the crowd with the increase in Korean chicken joints. Since Nene Chicken is primarily a fast food joint, I was hoping for a quick and fuss-free experience. Unfortunately, service was slow, and the staff were nonchalant. Finding a seat in their cramped premises is near impossible. And we waited for a good half an hour before our chicken got served. Nevertheless, the chicken was its saving grace. The wings were cooked perfectly, the meat tender and falling off the bone. The bulgogi sauce was a winner, and gave the chicken its distinctive Korean flavour. It was sweet, slightly tangy, and not that spicy. Those looking for more kick should go for their spicier sauces. My main gripe was that the chicken was not the crispy kind, which I guess could amount to a personal preference. 18 wings and drumlets are given, which makes it a better deal in my opinion as compared to Chir Chir which can cost up to $30. This was priced at $22.90


Essentially fried chicken tenders sitting atop a white cheese sauce, topped with whipped cream. It tastes exactly like how you would imagine it to be. The chicken itself wasn't particularly spectacular; in fact, it was rather disappointing in comparison to the garlicky fried chicken we had as I thought this was a little dryer and not that juicy. I couldn't understand this particular combination as the sauce and cream didn't really do anything to compliment the chicken. Think of the sauce as a richer and creamier version of carbonara pasta sauce. While it was not bad per se, nothing really justified the higher price tag of this as compared to its traditional fried chicken counterparts. I guess you're paying for novelty if you get this dish. You're better off ordering two plates of their fried chicken in different flavours. Priced at $32.60


Finally got round to trying the legendary and much heralded.m Chir Chir. While the waiting time in the queue was pretty obnoxious, this plate of fried garlic chicken pieces was more than enough to make up for the time spent queuing. The chicken pieces were freshly fried to perfection, leading to each piece being incredibly juicy. The chicken was soft and succulent, and the meat really came easily off the bone. Even the breast meat was rather juicy and tender. The crispy exterior coated with a sweet, savoury, garlicky sauce gave the dish it's familiar and iconic Korean fried chicken flavour. Sprinkled with almonds and tiny garlic bits, this will leave you wanting more. Really recommend to get this if you want something that's distinctly Korean, but not too spicy. Priced at $28.60.


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