Catching up with @cyndianah over drinks after tastings. But why not, since we're practically barraged by the hottest cocktail places in town 😉

Was feeling "unconventional" tonight and went for the Little Nyonya ($23), a feisty concoction of rum, laksa leaves, chilli bitters, lemongrass gomme, and lemon juice that grows on you after each sip. Great if you gravitate towards tart flavours or are feeling a lil adventurous.

But Mr Bean ($23), as usual, hogs all the spotlight. Fell so hard for this vodka-based libation inspired by Lao Ban Beancurd, which really tastes like liquid tao huay with delicious nuances of butterscotch liqueur, kaya, and frangelico. Note that this drink is not on the menu; you'll have to request for it.
#jekyllandhyde #burpple

Mr. Bean sounds delicious 😋😋
Veronica Phua It's way more delicious than I thought! Might just spike my lao ban with some liqueur next time 😁