Eddy's has shifted from the row with Ji Ji Wanton Noodles to a row nearer to Outram Park Fried Kway Teow, yet the stall still serves great and affordable Western fare! Today, we decided to try something new - the mala prawn spaghetti. As it's name suggests, the dish uses spaghetti as the noodle base and includes around 5 prawns, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and a pretty generous serving of hae bi hiam (spicy dried shrimp). Everything is tossed in a mala paste, which gives the whole dish a pretty fiery and numbing taste.

To be honest, we thought spicy Western fare generally wouldn't be spicy by Singaporean standards, but we were so wrong! The mala paste is actually pretty spicy so we suggest you don't order this if you can't take spicy food, or you could suggest to the stall to make this less spicy. The paste is also more spicy rather than numbing, which we would have preferred instead.

The dish costs close to $10 which is expensive by hawker standards, but is pretty affordable compared to the pastas served in restaurants (some of those are less yummy than what Eddy's dishes out). 😋 This was an interesting Western-Chinese fusion dish and we would be interested to try their other dishes, including some of their other rice bowls, in future! 😁