If there was ever a time and a place to spend big on vegetarian dishes in Kuala Lumpur, it’s at Barat. Mediterranean-style, expect flavours in dishes that marry a myriad of spices, fresh herbs and vegetables.

While the head chef recommends adventurous visitors to try their degustation menu available only in the evenings, Barat’s ala carte menu boasts an equally striking fare. My company and I had the pleasure of sharing two stand-outs - the Mediterranean Spiced Patatas Burger with Homemade chips (RM24.9) and the Curried Cous Cous with Grilled Asparagus, Heirloom Baby Carrots and Pomegranate Dressing (RM31.9). We had thought the burger buns a tad rubbery, but the bellyful spiced patatas made up for it, while the aromatic curried cous cous blended well with the pomegranate sauce.

Much of the restaurant’s produce are grown on organic farms in Janda Baik and Cameron Highlands, as well as their little makeshift farm right behind the restaurant. Here’s a place you can happily and healthily indulge, without the guilt!

Alternate Vegetarian resto: Organica Lifestyle, Bangsar