Friday’s Burpple Eatup held at The Disgruntled Chef, introduces their new and revamped A La Carte Menu, which also marks my first visit to Dempsey Hill. Surrounded by greenery, it is definitely not easy to travel to Dempsey via public transportation but this food haven is worth the trouble.

Loving the small plate-big plate concept, I was really impressed by the seemingly unassuming Crispy Lamb Shortribs ($21) off TDC’s well-loved Classic small plates section. Served with a side of spiced pumpkin puree and mint yoghurt, you will first be greeted with the taste of cumin and a slight spicy kick. You will also get a bit of the gaminess but the meat itself was nicely crisp on the outside, yet surprisingly succulent and moist on the inside. I felt that it tasted great just by itself as I didn’t care much for the dip which will most probably mask the mild gamy taste well. The dish just left me craving for more and I was able to polish the short ribs effortlessly.

Thank you @Burpple for extending the invitation and @TheDisgruntledChef for hosting us!