This is homemade ravioli stuffed with burrata cheese (a super mild tasting buffalo cheese which I am absolutely adoring at the moment) and black truffle, bathed in a porcini mushroom cream sauce and topped with crispy parma ham and caviar. ($29.90)

I really like the fact that the sauce is on the light side and neither the truffle or the creaminess is too heavy or overpowering. It's just very well balanced, with the parma adding a crispy crunch and the caviar adding a touch of umami and saltiness. Spam the parmesan cheese they provide on the side if you like an additional cheesy kick.

Food aside, the best thing this place has is the amazeballs view and ambience. Plonked by the riverside with a lovely cool breeze and the lights reflecting off the surface of the river, the whole place just encapsulates romance.


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