Fan of traditional baked mooncakes? Old Seng Choong has new creations this year with both classic and contemporary flavours. Their Four Heavenly King (四大天王) set has:

• White Lotus Paste with Yolk Blend
• Black Truffle Red Lotus Paste with Bakwa
• Taro with Pumpkin
• White Lotus Paste with Olive Kernel

Really enjoyed these. Our favourite was the fun savoury-sweet bak kwa that’s finished with black truffle oil, also a returning favourite from last year.

Also, how pretty is their vibrant peach and blue mooncake box! In gold embossed words on top, it says 海上升明月,天涯共此时 - symbolising reunion and a time when family and loved ones rekindle conversations together. Definitely going to repurpose this ✨

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