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The truffle aroma seemed to be more intense this time, which is definitely not for the faint hearted but as a truffle lover, I am sold for it! 💖 Despite the missing top layer of baked cheese crust, the macaroni bathed in the thick, creamy and cheesy pool of sauce was sufficient to get me hooked on, otherwise the aftermath might be one this is overwhelming and unpleasant. Though the price might seem steep (as compared to the other mains offered here), the portion served was justifiable and worth the bill. A copious amount of sliced mushrooms, seared scallops, garnished with fried shallots and a dollop of caviar, it was a perfect combination that I couldn’t help singing praises for. Especially adore the seared scallops that were fresh and plump, with a slight chewy mouthfeel. The addition of the fried shallots also provided a pleasant crisp factor while adding fragrance to the dish. Mushrooms are no doubt an essential (for me) in a mac&cheese, with its chewy mouthfeel and earthy note blending in harmoniously to the cheesy elements. On a side note, it’s really a great pity that @vxx.co would be ceasing operations on 7 nov and not serving mains anymore in their new location! 😭😭😭 Would certainly miss the food, ambience and service here ! .
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