📍: Somerset
Managed to get this Sunday buffet under 1-1 🤟 the variety isn’t mind blowing, but quality is nubbad! I skipped the chilli crab & stir fried dishes but I’ll list down my favourites & definite order agains!! I must also say though their desserts are disappointing haha even though I LOVE desserts, I hardly ate their desserts. Just go straight for their mains srsly just whAcck!!!! Should order:
- Seafood: Prawn, Mussels, Scallop (skip the crab leg; also I don’t like oysters so idk how nice they are)
- Sashimi
- All the teppanyaki
- Lobster mentaiyaki
- Prawn tempura
Overall, whack their expensive stuff (which are also the nicer ones to me) & def will still be worth 👍