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Recommended place for a good piece of cake. If you are into thick flavor, the chocolate cake is one not to miss out, but it is really so thick in flavor I can't finish one on my own. The highlight here is the watermelon cake, it is a great invention by the chef! I absolutely truly love it! The waiter recommended this to us, claiming it is super good and only available on weekend, we take her word and decided to buy one. It is layered with strawberry pieces, strawberry jam, almond sponge, rose cream (which I think is a light custard), a thick layer of watermelon, rose cream again and almond sponge again from top to bottom. All the layers blended together so well it complement each other to give a refreshing yet wonderful taste journey. It is a 5 star cake. A must have here. I would also like to complement the waiter for being very thoughtful and caring. As I am coughing, so cold drink is not my choice. I asked for warm water but the shop only sells room temperature bottled water. We took one of the bottled water, it is better than nothing. The waiter notice that I really need warm thing, she brought the bottled water together with a glass of hot water so that we can mix on our own. So thoughtful, so nice. Price: RM29 for 2 piece of cake and 1 bottled water, Food: 9/10

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