A hole in the wall eatery - took me quite long to find this quaint shop hidden inside another cafe given that Google’s address of 300 Boru was wrong 😂 Reached around 7pm & all the rice dishes were sold out. Ordered 2 bowls of ramen - dry signature mazemen ramen and the cheese one along with 2 of their signature buns. Food took quite some time to come. Sadly, the poorly presented buns were defintely a miss for $2 each. Thankfully, the 2 bowls of ramen made up for it and it was at a really good deal at $6.90 nett per bowl! Definitely go for the Mazemen Dry Ramen, it was amazing & well executed. Took the Level 1 spice & it was a really comfortable level. Chashu was torched well & everything came well together. Noodle kinda tasted like Wonton Noodles actually. The cheese one was abit gelat at the end but nevertheless good & thick, perfect for sharing I’d say. Commendable effort & definitely an affordable place to head to for a quick meal!