Cheap Eats!

Cheap Eats!

On a hunt for value for money yet delicious eats to satisfy my hunger!
botfood :-)
botfood :-)

My favourite prawn noodles to date! Robust broth, generous servings, pork lard & amazing seasoning! Especially their portion, so much more worth it than the usual big names in Singapore’s prawn mee scene. Their soup is also a notch above the rest - & they’re really generous with the soup unlike the bigger names. I’m usually a soupy prawn mee person but this is an exception! The dry versions are 50 cents pricier but really worth it! Pig tail prawn noodles go at 5.50 for soup & 6 for dry and the regular prawn mee is just at 4 for soup and 4.50 for dry! It’s a little far off but worth the trip down! Will definitely make it a point to come all the way down here to satisfy my prawn mee cravings from now on instead of settling with the pricier & more well known prawn mee stalls 😋

$15; super cheap considering the amount of items we got! Pork intestines, chicken, crazy amounts of mushrooms & veggies. They do have quite a big selection of ingredients. The mala bowl at medium spice is more spicy 辣 than 麻, could possibly be more 麻 imo. Nonetheless it’s a really good & affordable bowl of mala. Loved it! They also offer a soup version, might try it another time. But I would definitely patronise the shop, decent fragrance with cheap prices and generous portions.

Thick and rich broth - you could tell they boiled it for a long & good time. Broth was super rich with a very beefy taste. Shank & tendon portions were quite generous for $12.50++! Really liked it with the salted veggies. Would come back again to try their pork bone soup! Also great & attentive service.

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Free flow salad bar & 2 main dishes for an affordable meal in Chinatown! Their lunch set is priced affordably at $12/$13++ with a free drink. Food wasn’t very good but decent for the price paid. It gets quite crowded during lunch time too!

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Wasn’t as great as I expected it to be. Salmon portion was quite miserable and so was the mentaiko. It was just placed atop a bed of prtially sauced up rice. But at 8.90 I guess I can’t complain.

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Amazing, rich and flavourful broth, probably my favourite. Always get the pig tail prawn mee starting at $5. Pig tails are always fresh and chewy and prawns are sweet. Weirdly the prawn noodles start at $6, while the pig tail prawn noodle combi start at $5 haha. Would gladly pick the combination of pork and prawns! A must try for prawn noodle lovers. Plus the ngoh hiang stall at the side is pretty good too.

Chicken was tough and underwhelming. Rice was mediocre. Only had this because Tian Tian was closed. And the queue was so long because all the tourists had to turn to this substandard alternative boo. $17.50 for half a chicken with egg and gizzards and 2 rice.

I’ve never been so blown away by a plate of chicken rice LOL. The chicken here is tender and succulent and the sauce is just the cream on top, I’ve never had a chicken rice with such tender and juicy breast meat and the chicken skin is so silky and soft. The rice is fluffy and flavourful and the chili is amazing. Half a chicken for only $9 and rice for only 50 cents, truly cheap and good chicken rice. On the top of my list along with Tian Tian. But cheaper, haha.

Got this during their promo where their bowls were going for 50% off. A visual spectacle - they’d flame the bowl in front of you. Wagyu Australian beef was tender and tasty with a good beefy smell and the egg atop the mound of beef topped it off well!


Sloppy and wet, exactly how curry rice is supposed to be. Expect queues at this famous stall, generous with curries when requested for. A comforting meal for those who are too lazy to go to the less accessible Scissors Cut Curry Rice! This came up to less than $4!

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A hole in the wall eatery - took me quite long to find this quaint shop hidden inside another cafe given that Google’s address of 300 Boru was wrong 😂 Reached around 7pm & all the rice dishes were sold out. Ordered 2 bowls of ramen - dry signature mazemen ramen and the cheese one along with 2 of their signature buns. Food took quite some time to come. Sadly, the poorly presented buns were defintely a miss for $2 each. Thankfully, the 2 bowls of ramen made up for it and it was at a really good deal at $6.90 nett per bowl! Definitely go for the Mazemen Dry Ramen, it was amazing & well executed. Took the Level 1 spice & it was a really comfortable level. Chashu was torched well & everything came well together. Noodle kinda tasted like Wonton Noodles actually. The cheese one was abit gelat at the end but nevertheless good & thick, perfect for sharing I’d say. Commendable effort & definitely an affordable place to head to for a quick meal!

I'm definitely onto this mala craze sweeping Singapore, I've been eating it on a bi-weekly basis & I can't stop craving for it. Hai Tian Fragrant Hot Pot is an alternative to the other Mala stall @ Bedok interchange. In my opinion, I enjoy Hai Tian's mala more because it's much less oily & the service is better, with more generous portions. Wait times still go up to 20 minutes during peak hours but all is well when I get my hands on a piping hot bowl of fragrant mala! This only cost $9 & prices differ depending on your choice of ingredients! Easties, give this a try! It's my favourite & I like it more than Riri's at Chinatown 🤤

hobbies include: chicken rice, mala and japanese food.

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