2 Jul’19, Tue⛅️ ⁣
📍The Connoisseur Concerto (Circular Rd)⁣
- Grilled Snapper with Matcha-Lemongrass Veloute🐟⁣
- Shroom Bites🍄⁣
- Dark Devotion🍰⁣
- Cold Brew☕️⁣

Tried something different other than their seafood aglio olio...🤣⁣

The matcha-lemongrass sauce, with some mushrooms and veg, was pretty light (hint of matcha and lemongrass) and both go quite well together surprisingly~

Though it can be quite outside the norm when first tasted...

Grilled snapper was grilled to perfection, soft and tender, and it did not go mushy after a few bites...

Grilled potato provides for the carb, making sure one was full from this dish.

And cos got 50% off, so why not~😬⁣
Food coma after that...😜⁣

Damage: $95.75