The other egg sandwich was considerably more…eggcellent. The K-Sando ($10+) is a vegan sando that contains eggs…eggplants, that is. The miso glazed eggplant is garnished with kimchi & kale, dressed lavishly in a gochujang aioli, and sandwiched between the same chewy buns as before.

Despite lacking meat, the K-Sando felt surprisingly complete. The supremely savoury miso glazed eggplants are perfect, while the slightly spicy kimchi chipped in with an addictive sourness that gets the saliva going. The kimchi & kale combined to give a soul satisfying crunch to the otherwise soft sando, forming a complete balance of tastes & textures.

If all eggplants were this good, it might just egg me into reevaluating my hatred for the purple thing.