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Superb Sandwiches

Superb Sandwiches

From the severely sinful sandwiches to the simple yet so superb ones, this list covers 'em all. Just like how these places have covered their bread with fantastically flavorsome fillings.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

After a long absence from @parkbenchdeli, I finally found revisitation motivation in the form of their monthly special. October is the month of the Bull Duck Sandwich, which sees a P H A T slice of chili glazed confit duck leg thrust between a pair of soft buns, while dressed with watercress salad & sauerkraut.

The duck wasn’t as tender as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t that much of a challenge to chew through so no harm done. The gochujang aioli was truly inspired, effortlessly hooking up with the chili glaze while adding a deep, sensationally savoury flavour to the burger along with a decent dose of spicy heat.

The sauerkraut played the rule of the fun police (typical German), but its sharp sourness worked well to keep the very heavy gochujang sauce from running absolutely riot. It’s most definitely messy delicious, so leave your decorum & dignity at the door. Hurry up though, cause this fat ducker is only sticking round till the end of October.


The Caffeine Experience is but a hole in the wall of Tanjong Pagar Xchange, but their tiny size doesn’t deter them from putting out divine cuppas and piquant paninis.

Their chicken & avocado panini is living proof of that claim. A juicy, homemade chicken patty is generously slathered with avocado, sandwiched between two halves of a crusty panini, and then put into the griller. And brother, it is truly a thing of beauty.

What are you waiting for? Get down there and have an extraordinary experience now.


Ironically enough, while a beautiful brisket will result in brisker business for your dining establishment, the best briskets are done slow and low. Abattoir Blues smoke their beautiful beef brisket low and slow for 12 hours to achieve this banging smoked brisket roll (A$20).

While the brisket did get a little dry in certain spots, there was no denying its tenderness. The brisket is just like a soft bed: it’s crying out for you to sink deep into it. The smoking imparts a heady smokiness and deep smoky flavors into the tender beef. While inadequate in quantity, the homemade barbie (that’s Aussie for barbecue) sauce and creamy garlic aioli more than made up for it in quality.

The sauces fused to blast that brisket with even more delicious, savory and utterly tantalizing flavors. The result was the elevation of the decent serving of brisket from “hey that’s pretty good” to “holy shit give me ten of these pronto”. The crusty ciabatta bread was the yang to the yin of the beef, delivering the hardness and crustiness to balance out the softness of the brisket. The tangy slaw and the sharp pickles also did their part to restore balance to the force.

With specials this scintillating, there ain’t no Blues at this Abattoir, son.

A moo-dy cow. The Blind Monk‘s steak sandwich ($12), however, is guaranteed to put you in a good moo-d.

A sirloin steak is sandwiched between two slices of extra crusty bread, and is complemented with a zesty tomato relish, sweet, sublime caramelized onions and a couple of strips of bacon. Really, it’s impossible to go wrong with this combo, and every last bite of that sumptuous steak sandwich was simply stellar.

This steak sandwich is best washed down with a brown ale from one of The Blind Monk’s dozen taps o’ joy.


I've never had a lobster roll before, so when I saw that the newest outlet of Seattle Pike Chowder was selling these bad boys at a rather reasonable $25.90 a set (comes with a drink and a side salad), it was impossibly irresistible.

There's a whole load of lobstah jammed between those soft, golden buns, and the crustacean chunks were grilled to a glorious golden brown. I was put off by the sharp and slightly spicy mayonnaise that was slathered on the crack of the bun as it detracted from the natural beauty of the lobster flesh.

However, upon sampling an individual chunk of lobster, I was transported to Flavortown. Subtly sweet, juicy and slightly bouncy, the lavish lobster meat was given an amazing do-over with the smokiness from the grill and the superb seasoning of salt, black pepper and something else I can't quite identify.

This lobstah roll truly deserves every last penneh of yours, and you should roll up to this joint every now and then because of it.


I'm wallowing in even more self loathing now after finally having a bagel from Two Men Bagel House, thanks to this Turk which I decided to slap onto a rye bagel for $14 nett.

A generous serving of juicy, thick cut smoked turkey breast finds itself married to some leaves (rocket maybe, I have no clue due to the fact that I'm not a botanist), a drizzle of berry vinaigrette and a smattering of house made bacon jam within the confines of the rye bagel that's been slathered with light cream cheese.

I was in paradise right from the very first bite, believe me. The moderately chewy rye bagel provided the texture and bite that's essential to every exceptional sandwich, while the cream cheese just amped up the indulgence levels.

The turkey breast was so juicy that wolfing down the Turk turned into quite the messy affair in short order, and it was just bursting with so many fantastic flavors. The berry vinaigrette was an awesome addition to the sandwich, as it was reminiscent of cranberry sauce, which almost always goes very well with, you guessed it, turkey.

The real MVP here is that bloody beautiful bacon jam. Chewy, gratifyingly greasy diced bacon is fried up with crispy shallots, and Two Men certainly ain't shy about their impressive creation as they gladly load it into the bagel for maximum pleasure.

Thanks a lox for pumping out such incredible bagel-wiches, they're all one really kneads for a good meal.


Today in yet another tragic disaster, Hungry Bazterdz has officially shut down till June, and they'll reopen somewhere along Arab Street then. Of course, I can't miss out on the experience of having sinful sandwiches just below my office for one last time, so there I was with a Grand Poobah in hand. For just ten bucks, due to HB's awesome moving out sale.

This time, I elected to pile on all that delectable pulled beef and caramelized onions that had been braised for six hours in au jus onto two thick slices of sourdough bread instead, and boy was I satisfied.

I'm not sure if the Grand Poobah has gotten better since the last time I devoured it last year, but it sure tasted like it! There was a strong note of sweetness that wasn't there the last time, which accentuated the stellar beefy savoriness of the massive mound of meat between the sourdough.

The sourdough was definitely a better pick over the usual hoagie roll, and the crustiness of the crust (sorry, I couldn't dig up another description) contrasted the softness and tenderness of the beef pleasantly, while the soft chewy dough gave a little resistance to the otherwise all-too compliant pulled beef (that's a good thing, mind you), and managed to stay relatively un-soggy until I finished savoring every last morsel of the Grand Poobah.

Now that's what I call going out in style.


Just when I thought I'd found my favorite chicken sandwich in town, Hungry Bazterdz outdoes themselves with this utter slice of sin between two slices of wholemeal sandwich.

The Pablo Chikon is yet another one of HB's new sandwiches, comprising of a thick, juicy chunk of crispy fried chicken, spicy sesame mayo, tomato relish and most appealingly, crispy fried Cajun marinated salmon from Fish Sh-nack between two slices of thick wholemeal bread.

And simply put, it's the best new sandwich. Think of a McSpicy on steroids but even better, and you've got the Pablo. It's one of the messiest sandwiches in the HB lineup due to how outrageously thick the delicious chicken patty is, and how lavishly that sumptuous spicy sesame mayo is spread all over the bread. It can get a little rich due to all the delicious elements within the sandwich, so the smaller eaters may want to bring a pal to tag team this sandwich.


Yeah no, I'm not trying to be a jackass. This sandwich IS called the Eggslut sandwich.

Although it sounds like the culinary version of the harlot of Babylon, it's actually pretty modest in real life (or maybe that's due to HB's insane lunch offerings permanently spoiling me). Crispy, salty rashers of chicken bacon (well, Hungry Bazterdz is halal after all) are laid on a bed of creamy avocado spread all over thick toasted white bread.

Of course, lets not forget the main attraction, the fabulous, fried sunny side up egg that leaks its savory juices out onto its partners, adding that extra element of creaminess to the proceedings. It could all get a little overwhelming, but fortunately there's an abundance of spicy ranch dressing to cut through the richness and to spice things up a little.

This Eggslut might not be the most sinful temptress around, but it will definitely leave you satisfied and licking your fingers clean of all the sauciness.


Hungry Bazterdz has added three (!) new sandwiches to their already ample array of sumptuous sandwiches, and the Master Panino is one third of the new trio. Also, they've upgraded their menu that's hanging on the wall, and it's now pretty much a (very) delicious scientific chart of what's in your sandwich.

The Master Panino comes with 3 protein options: beef, salmon and their excellent roasted chicken fillet which I went with for this round. As always, the roast chicken was spot on. Juicy, tender, succulent, thick and supremely savory, it was a joy to behold and of course, devour. The seductively stretchy slices of mozzarella cheese melted atop the chicken just added more fun to the enjoyment factor.

As for the sandwich itself, it tastes much like a meatball sub, sans meatballs but with earthy roasted mushrooms playing substitute. The red peppers were charred just right and were bursting with sweetness, while the tomato sauce slathered upon the thick cut white bread brought a little acidity to the affair.

The pesto spread on the other slice of thick cut toast was heavily herby, but unfortunately the oil had all soaked into the bread, making it soggy and a real challenge to eat. The arugula leaves brought a little pepperiness and crunch to the sandwich, rounding out this tastefully thick fiesta of flavors nicely.

I may need to retract my previous statement about the previous chicken sandwich I had, because Master Panino has mastered the intricacies of my tastebuds to become my new favorite chicken sandwich.

With this saucy supersized Soy Chicken sandwich, chicken sandwiches will no longer be the boring, 3am post bender sandwiches cobbled out of leftover rotisserie chicken from the fridge that we all have probably downed at some point or the other.

This hunger busting sandwich is carefully crafted out of two massive chicken thighs that have been pan fried in a sweet and savory soy and honey sauce, a few strands of mamee-esque crispy noodles, and some fantastically fresh lettuce and tomatoes (hey, gotta relieve some of the guilt right?) stuffed between two slices of good, crusty bread.

That soy and honey mixture makes the chicken tremendously tasty with a tinge of sweetness, and the downright delish sauce is poured all over the sandwich (yep, that lagoon is the aforementioned soy and honey sauce) which softens up that crusty bread and adds even more fantastic flavor to the already tremendously tasty sandwich. The rest of the components are just silently but diligently plugging away behind the scenes to make this the best damn chicken sandwich in town.


It's pretty much Celebrity Deathmatch: Sandwich Edition between Hungry Bazterds and Park Bench Deli, especially with both offering up their own renditions of the esteemed cheesesteak sandwich. So, who's the winner?

HB's cheesesteak sandwich is stuffed to the gills with thin strips of shabu shabu beef, much like PBD's, but Hungry Bazterds, living up to their name, adds four more thick slices of utterly divine bovine atop the already meaty monstrosity. Each slice of that beef is good enough to go it solo, being tender and jam packed full of savory goodness. Better yet, one of the slices I got was the tip of the beef it was portioned from, allowing me to enjoy the extra powerful flavors on the crust. As for the slices of beef itself, PBD's is just that little bit more tender, which is insane considering that HB's beef is already strikingly tender.

The sumptuous secret 4 cheese sauce is considerably more liquid than PBD's, the former having a tendency to dribble out of the bun upon every bite while PBD's stellar sauce clings on to everything it touches like a toddler to his favorite stuffed animal. As for the bun itself, HB's brioche roll is softer in texture and absorbs more of the umami sauce while PBD goes for that crusty roll to counter the softness of the beef.

Here's where HB pulls out the ace up its sleeve: unlike PBD, HB has melted cheese at the bottom of the bun, leading to that desirable, sexy cheese stretch and even more flavor!

So which one did I prefer? It was a ridiculously tough choice for me as both were extraordinarily divine in their own right, but I preferred PBD's by the slightest of margins only thanks to their crusty roll that added an excellent variety of texture to the cheesesteak.This food war will continue for as long as these two joints continue to serve up phenomenal cheesesteak sandwiches, and this beef ain't going nowhere.


Alcohol may not be good for my body, but my body is good for alcohol.

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