Here's the only reindeer I've ever eaten. And my goodness, was it ever scrumptious! πŸ˜‹
"Rudolphski" is actually a honey cake from The Patissier that's based on a traditional Russian recipe. It's formed by layers of honey sponge interspersed with caramel-flavoured frosting (a blend of sour cream and buttercream) upon a crispy caramel biscuit base. Roasted honey almond crust makes up the coat that "Rudolphski" wears, lending more texture to each bite.
As this delicious cake seemed more unusual compared to the other desserts on display at my uncle's Christmas lunch, it turned out to be a hit!
I am keeping my fingers crossed this won't just be a Christmas special. With Chinese New Year just a month away, I hope there might be a "Roosterski" from The Patissier to crow about as well πŸ˜†