As the name states, this is possibly a dish you'd want to indulge in to feel better in the event of a bad break up & you'd likely will.

The break up steak is made of a 300g aged ribeye, aged in-house, served with 2 types of salt - garlic salt & smoked chilli salt, mashed potatoes, twice sautéed mushrooms & roasted carrots.

It may look simple, but the cooked at medium rare, the ribeye is so tender & soft, it almost melts in your mouth. The 2 salts (made in-house) provided helps to heighten the flavour by just a notch, making it super easy for you to wipe this plate clean!

The sides that comes with the steak compliments it pretty well & definitely fills you to the brim!

Definitely something for you to try if you're a steak lover! #noragrats