Key Lime, Banana, S’mores and Pecan Pie 🤤 (Left to Right)

My reorders:
Actly LOL I would get the exact same thing again, but just in case u need some help, I would get it in this order.
S’mores > Key Lime > Pecan Pie > Banana

Love love love the base of all the tarts/pies 😭 super hard to recreate??
S’mores - Solid choc + lotus mix 🥲 can’t go wrong
Lime - Strong, slightly alcoholic tasting key lime
Pecan Pie - Tried Pecan pie for the first time and it’s AAMAZING 😍 defo an acquired taste, a lil date tasting imo
Banana - child-friendly, your regular sweet tasting pie

$15.1 for 4 Amazingly Baked Pies 😭
What is there not to like??
Not even kidding when I say I began my Burpple Beyond journey because of this and An Acai Affair (back when it was still on BB)

URGH got so stressed looking for this place because I was already. so. tired… but it’s actually inside the Excellente Grocery Store, closer to the cashier - facing the inner portions of the store and away from sight…

I tot the banana one has cognac?