Mabelle’s 1-FOR-1 Recommends

Mabelle’s 1-FOR-1 Recommends

Literally what the folder says! No more from me!
Mabelle Tham
Mabelle Tham

Burger was Worth it with Burpple Beyond,
Drinks not so much... had a few drinks (2 All-day Happy Hour house pour and 1 glass each that came with the Burpple meal)

Total damage: ~$66
Burpple Beyond | Bacon Cheese Burger $16 (1-for-1)
Burpple Beyond | Aperol Spritz $16 (1-for-1)
Happy Hour | $12 Sparkling Wine (Bottega, Prosecco Italy 2018) x2

Burger had thic juicy patties, brioche buns were pretty special to me but also quickly absorbed the patty oil and became semi-soggy (Tip is to eat fast)
Drinks don’t get la lol, very much preferred the ale I had the previous visit! V smooth, get that instead :-)

~$40 for 2,
Ild say worth tho there’s literally 5 thick slices

About the food:
Flavour was on point, you’ld have to try it for yourself 🥩

What I’ld go back for (ordered):
double cheese burger ($16), steak ($40 for 2 with BB), IPA beer (comes w steak as part of BB), vibes, deep fried pig ear, bread platter was ok only... can skip

Less than $20 for 2 bowls of goodness

Scorched rice with Beef and Salmon Mentai Don pictured here, beef didn’t taste very marinated, was a lil dry... but the rice was nicely cooked, Salmon Mentai can feel a lil gelat w the onsen egg mixed in, would suggest sharing a bowl!

What I would order:
Truffle Beef Don >
Salmon Mentai Don (+Chilli Padi on the side) >
Salmon w Chilli >
Scorched rice with Beef

bring umbrella ☔️ because if it rains, you’ll
1. Be stuck here
2. Be drenched - either ways, not good

Here for the Burrata Cheese, I can no longer go back to mere torn and sprinkled pieces of Burrata cheese served elsewhere.

Note that it’s served with thin crust, and can get oily because of the pesto but it’s all worth.the.calories 🤫

price: ~ $28 for 2 pizzas
when would I come back: whenever I crave pizza
what I would order (ordered): Burrata, Prosciutto, Truffle Mushroom (can feel like mushroom bread...)

You have to try it for yourself la $31 for 2 huge delicious soft springy-enough buns, impossibly seasoned patties layered with aioli sauce 🤭 crisp onion rings, and a drink (they ran out of coke lol so it came with a can of New Zealand water...) worth!

Back here again for more, Lecoq consistently delivers! Pictured here: Beef Wagyu Don and Iberico Char Siew Don

The Baby Back Ribs was a huge yes for me, searched thru my archive for this cause I thought the review section didn’t give it enough credit👌🏼 the wagyu Beef (not pictured) was pretty meh, not much texture

Beef was cooked to perfection, foie gras was perfectly marinated to enhance the original flavour and the Onsen egg made everything come together nicely. Really recommend this place! Nice ambience and not too crowded on a Monday night! Super worth it with BB

Tried the Rösti with Veal(calves) Bratwurst and Chicken Chop! Big portions, kinda oily but generally worth the try! The rösti falls apart when picked up tho

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Babasan really does fusion really well, everything I’ve tried’s been real impressive

Belly Roll Mee, $13 (front)
Category: Main
Rate: 10/10
Visual: 10/10
Wow Factor: 10/10
Review: The Chefs really did it!! Their take on the classic Porchetta using Mee Siam as the stuffing, is really something else!! Very interesting dish, sounds odd but tastes Amazing. Is a must try when u come here!! This fusion food is so well thought out and really different from the rest!!

Oversized Salmon Skin, $11 (back)
Category: Appetiser
Rate: 10/10
Visual: 10/10
Wow Factor: 9/10
Review: another must try! Didnt think getting salmon skin for an appetiser would’ve been worth it but after the chef’s recommendation and trying it for ourselves, the crabmeat Ikura wasabi dip is what rly makes this dish different from other restaurants. (Tho the salmon skin itself was pretty oily)

Buah Keluak Wok Hei Fried Rice with Chicken, $10 (left)
Category: Main
Rate: 9/10
Visual: 8/10
Wow Factor: 9/10
Review: first time trying a Buak Keluak dish so reviews are not comparing to other Buah Keluak dishes but the wok hey is real! Every rice grain was nicely coated and an interesting taste!

Huevos Carbreados, $14 (I think) (right)
Category: Appetiser
Rate: 8/10
Visual: 9/10
Taste: 100% resemblance to Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fries version
Wow Factor: 8/10
Ingredients: Homemade chilli and garlic mayo, chicken, onsen egg, sloshed over shoestring fries.
Review: The fusion of the earthly ginger tgt with Chicken with fries is truly amazing!! Am a fan of the Hainanese Ginger taste as it makes eating a bowl of fries feel less sinful. Note that having the chicken and sauce on top of the fries make them soggy quickly so don’t spend too long taking photos, eat!

Ended off with Dessert (not included in BB)
Yuzu Muah Chee, $12
Category: Dessert
Rate: 7/10
Visual: 9/10
Ingredients: Oversized yuzu infused muah chee with soy bean and sour plum powder, served with coconut icecream
Wow Factor: 7/10
Review: Claims it’s good for 2 but Actly more than enough for 3 cause having dessert after all that good food, and muah chee in general’s also pretty filling. Really a fan of muah Chee but it did get a bit gelak towards the end. The flavour profile’s also pretty confusing with all the infused flavours...

Overall, the mains are their specialty and the food is really worth travelling down for! Will come back to try the others

[Update: went back to try the other dishes and was disappointed, the previous Chef left and new fusion dishes didn’t leave me awe struck]

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Le bf didn't quite enjoy the vodka cubes but I thought it is a creative approach instead of dousing vodka into the entire curd. Not as refreshing as the pineapple passionfruit, but you can still taste sour notes from the light curd. Recommend this if you want a little bit of everything- sour, sweet, alcoholic. #burpplebeyond

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Worth it with Burpple Beyond!! The Jap rice was more sticky and vinegar-y than usual but the thick sumptuous bites of salmon sashimi was real blissful!! The other bowls were also very reasonably priced, with the Chirashi Bowl starting at a solid $10. If you’re still not satisfied, walk down the hill to the next (BB) Jap Restaurant nearby!

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Feeling peckish - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favourite times of day.

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