This store is actually 3 restaurants combined to one - Fatbird, Taan and Huolala. So it offers a wide range of food from chicken pot to skewers and mala! Got only the mala this time cos the waitress informed us that whatever we ordered ($20 worth of mala) was quite alot for 2pax, and can hold back on the skewers (how honest😅). The mala was really on the spicier side, and portions were generous. Though one thing missing was the numbing effect of the peppercorns. We were also recommended to try their tomato soup, but it fell short of expectations cos we thought it'll be like HDL but really hahaha. Its a good to have but not a must have. Can just stick to a full portion of mala if you can take the spice. Oh yes! And they've happy hour promo for draft beer with a full pint of suntory at $12 👏🏼