So, we decided to take the risk and celebrate our Valentine’s Day at this place that had not a single dinner review. However, the quality of the food and dining experience easily exceeded both our expectations.

This is a cosy little French patisserie-turned-restaurant just next to Hwa Chong. The French onion soup is by far the best and closest in standard to the one I’ve tried in La Jacobine, Paris. I must say that the chicken was also really well-marinated and tasty. It was served with Potato gratin. And for desert, while the mousse was slightly too sweet for me, the brownie/ice cream was amazing.

Well, the restaurant seemed a little understaffed as they only had 1 waiter that evening, but nonetheless, he coped really well with all the other customers’ demands, and was also really friendly. He even offered us a loaf from the bakery to bring home!

It was definitely a pleasant evening at Choupinette and was not too expensive (~$70+ after taxes), after burpple 1 for 1, for two sets of 3-course. So for those who have been waiting for a review, here’s your green light!

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