Briyani from @globalmatsoulkitchen requires painstaking effort to acquire โ€” get into his IG account, then wait for his fun black-metal-inspired posts and pray you're fast enough (usually gone within minutes).
It's worth the trouble โ€” this unholy creation could make even angels weep with masochistic pleasure, as their mouths are engulfed in flames of sacrament. Each mouthful exploded with aroma, whilst a complex storm of spice-forward flavours ravaged thy tongue, leaving it lightly but sensually torched from a mild heat, but also simultaneously aroused from a hedonistic indulgence of flavours.
The mutton was fork-tender and delicious, with a controlled dose of enjoyable gaminess that would intoxicate Satan himself. Above all, the basmati rice was fluffy and moist, but not soggy from the gravy.
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