This may not be industrial ulu but it's certainly suburban ulu. There's a lot of good things going for this prawn mee. First, its soup was special. It's not only rich, there's a rawness to it associated with street food. It's that sensation you get when eating something dodgy but so good you close one eye. And look at it - I've never seen soup so deep it has not two but three layers. Second, this might be the oiliest lard I've eaten, in keeping with the first point. There's dry and mild lard, there's dry and umami lard, and there's this. The stall keeps it up by showering enough for you to accompany every mouthful of noodles. This is a very generous bowl, which ironically might have diluted the very interesting seasoning. Typical cheap river prawns were done very well, but the pork slices were almost repulsive.