Celebrate CNY with your family with @tanameracoffeesg 'sTraditional Lou Hei Set ($45.80)! It was a scrumptious and generous one, as it was made in house. I love how they were very generous with the smoked salmon pieces; definitely enough for everyone 😂

If you do pop by the Robertson Quay outlet, do try their Squid Ink Rice ($20.80) as well! I absolutely loved every part of the dish as they were all well executed. The fried rice itself had a strong wok hei, with a strong savoury seafood flavour. The spice level was also just nice. The beef ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender, and they were so well marinated. The sambal was very aromatic, perfect with the crackers!

For the sweet tooth, the Coconut Milk Pancake ($15.80) is good for sharing and the pancake is soft with a rich aromatic coconut fragrance. However, I do wish that the pancake was less dense and fluffier. If not, it is a good dessert!

Thank you @burpple for inviting and @tanameracoffeesg for the food! We enjoyed ourselves very much 😁