Saboten Twin Special Set ($52) offers great value for two people who want to try a variety! The platter consists of a piece of Pork Loin (M)(100g) Katsu, 2 pieces of Fried Shrimp, 2 pieces of Crab Cream Croquette, 1 piece of Cheese Tenderloin, Chilled Cabbge, Lemon Wedge, Tartar sauce and 2 Radish Ponzu Dipping sauces. The set also includes a pair of katsu sets, each consisting of 100% Uonuma Koshihikari Rice, Miso Soup, Chawanmushi, Chilled Cabbage, Sesame, Pickles, and Ice Cream. Plus, there are free refills for rice, miso soup, and cabbage.

Pork loin was overall juicy, tender, not too oily, had a thick layer of white fats, and had a nice crispy breaded crumb exterior. However, the most inner core may be a tad dry and aged. But when eaten with the savoury umami homemade tonkatsu sauce, it's pure ecstasy. If tonkatsu sauce is not your favourite, there is still tartar sauce and radish ponzu dipping. Crab cream croquette was creamy and piping hot, exploding with flavour when you bite into it. Fried shrimp were long and tastisfyingly crunchy, with clean-tasting oil that enhances the flavour. Cheese tenderloin stood out the most, oozing with a great cheesy pull. Its soft, chewy yet creamy texture is simply awesome.