$28 each:
- Barley Fed Onglet Steak
- Spiced 20Hrs Irish Duck Leg Confit

Both mains are enough for small eaters. I was still hungry after this meal and went to grab some prata for supper immediately after this dinner.

Bread is served as appetizers with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip. Common in most Italian restaurants but was pleasantly surprised to find it here. The bread was honestly far better than the two mains I had. It tasted home made, dough-y and super delicious.

Barley Fed Onglet Steak:
I requested for a medium steak but it was served medium rare. Doneness of the steak: fail.
The serving was way too little for the quality and price of this meat. It wasn’t well seasoned and I had to request for salt and pepper. It was dressed with garlic pomme purée which I have no idea what it meant. It basically tasted like mashed potato and it was pretty good. Better than the steak itself.

Spiced 20Hrs Irish Duck Leg Confit:
The duck itself was pretty dry. I loved the barley risotto that accompanied the duck. If it wasn’t for the barley I would have completely hated this dish.

Overall the taste of the food was okay and I expected much more, nothing great. Only the staff serving the bread was friendly. Most of the time there wasn’t anyone attending to the customers, they were all at the back in the kitchen so I had to wait awhile when I wanted to order food (25 mins cooking time), get seasoning and the bill. Only the staff who was serving the bread seemed friendly and ready to serve.

Overall, this deal is worth your time to visit if it has a 1-for-1 deal and if you’re willing to order other ala carte dishes by the side. I definitely don’t find the dishes worth $28 each!!

Total bill $32.96