Sharing about all the Burpple 1-for-1 deals I’ve tried
Amanda Ben
Amanda Ben

meatlover booze set which was 1 for 1 mains with 1 for 1 alcohol

Ordered the bbq pork ribs and grass-fed black angus rib eye

Both the dishes were such a disappointment. It didn’t taste good. Ribs were dry on the inside and the ribeye was too fatty there was hardly any meat to it.

Total savings was only $20+. Not really a 1 for 1 because they don’t allow u to choose 2 same value items. My ribs $19 was paired with a ribeye $26.

Total bill: $46.95

$28 sharing set for 2

Came with appetizer - caprese
Mains - pizza
2 soft Drinks - ordered coke and tea
Dessert - tiramisu

The entire set is actually enough for 1 person but if you are small eaters it may be shared with 2. You will not be full though.

I am disappointed with the serving size as it mentioned sharing set for 2 and definitely it is not enough for 2 pax dining. The staff even mentioned that this set will not be sufficient for 2 pax. The tiramisu came in a super tiny cup which honestly would not be appropriate for sharing as well.

If I did not order the pizza, there was an option for pasta. But just ONE plate of pasta. I still don’t understand how this is a sharing set for TWO.

The taste of the food was okay, nothing great. The friendliness and service of the staff was amazing.

When I entered the restaurant it was empty. Till the time we ate finish as well, we were the only customers there.

Overall, this set is not worth your time to visit unless you are willing to order other ala carte dishes by the side.

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1-for-1 mains

Ordered crispy fish fillet tacos and spicy crab meat linguine.

The crispy fish fillet tacos per the attached photo felt like a fusion dish. It was rather dry unlike normal tacos with generous sauces. There were mangoes (sour) and red bell peppers. A good crunch and interesting dish but having 3 tacos is too much to eat alone as the taste gets quite sickening after the first taco.

The spicy crab meat linguine was not bad. I’ve tried a few crab pasta and this is not the best I’ve had.

The bill was a little funny because the 10% service charge was based on before the 1-for-1 pricing. Tacos was $24.61 and linguine was $25.68. Total Bill was $50.29 before Burpple discount. After the Burpple deal it was $24.61 but the service charge was $5.03 instead of $2.46. Small amount so I didn’t make a fuss but still find it a little weird because I didn’t face this at other dining areas.

Total bill: $30.70

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1-for-1 mains

Ordered croissant dirty Norwegian, chili crab pasta, Machamps breakfast and the brunch burg.

Croissant dirty Norwegian had smoked salmon and poached eggs. Honestly the best dish out of the 4 mains ordered. Good serving size too.

Chili crab pasta was ordinary. A little to watery for my liking. Also wished that they used linguine instead of spaghetti.

Machamps breakfast wasn’t part of the recommended menu but I ordered it anyways. It consists of a single sausage which was rather salty and scrambled eggs + mushrooms.

The brunch burg was slightly better with well seasoned fried chicken cutlets.

Total Bill: $35.80

1-for-1 main dish

Ordered ribeye steaks and added a set meal with soft drink, mushroom soup and upgraded mashed potato to truffle fries.

Steaks was served with brown sauce and black pepper sauce. The mushroom sauce was really good and nothing like I’ve ever tasted. Not your ordinary mushroom sauce. The steak itself was well seasoned with black pepper but there were quite a few rubbery bits through the steak.

Truffle fries was good. The truffle oil was evenly distributed to each fry and felt as if their oil base for this was truly truffle oil itself.

Mushroom soup was good too. There’s a special twist to the ordinary creamy mushroom soup. Some special ingredient I was unable to pinpoint. It was towards a buttery creamy taste.

Total Bill: $41.70

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1-for-1 mains offer

Ordered the steak & egg and pulled pork eggs benny

Steak and egg came with a savoury sauce which is unlike anything I have ever tasted. It was a great combination with the steak. I loved the thin slices and medium rare cook. It was served with Japanese rice and a crispy bread stick.

Pulled pork eggs benny was absolutely divine. The serving is whole and hearty. Again, they did not disappoint with the dressing sauce. The bread was thick and evenly toasted with delicious seasoned pulled pork.

Total bill: $15

$32++ per pair

Set Details:
Nachos with guacamole and sour cream dip
Quinoa salad (per photo attached)
Chicken Tacos (2 wrap servings)
Latino Pasta

Honestly one of the best places I’ve dined at. Ambience and taste of food was beautiful.

Nachos was ordinary. Refillable dips so, be generous at each bite.

Quinoa salad was my top dish. There was red quinoa, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, corn bits, cotija cheese and black beans. Some of the quinoa was fried to give that extra crunch which was an excellent technique. The flavour is absolutely amazing.

Chicken tacos was so good. The sauce literally drips out of the wrap at each bite. This is how generous they were at their ingredients served.

Latino pasta had a crab and tomato sauce. The crab taste was eminent. You really have to try this when you visit this place!

The dessert was also amazing. A moist coconut cake with pineapple fruit compote. It was served in a pool of what I suppose is coconut cream. The dish was cold and provided a complete ending to the entire meal.

Extra orders:
Beef skewers $13 - They used quality beef, seasoned with pesto and onions over a bed of thick-cut evenly salted fries. 3 juicy skewers served. Really delicious but filling enough to be a dish on its own for small eaters. Again, they did not disappoint with this mouthwatering dish.

Total bill: $52.97

$24++ for Mains + Drinks

Ordered the 60° Chicken Breast + Iced Lemon Tea and Seafood Aglio Olio + Ginger Lemonade

The Chicken Breast was perfectly cooked and tender. It was paired well with smooth mashed potato sides and some corn. Also, beautifully decorated with a flower for visual aesthetics.

The Seafood Aglio Olio was perfectly seasoned with generous ingredient toppings. Overall a savoury dish I really enjoyed with a burst of flavours.

Nothing amazing about the drinks. Just that the ginger lemonade was an interesting concoction for those who love zesty flavours.

Total Bill: $25.68

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