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Especially when it comes to the insanely beautiful cones from Emack & Bolio's! 🍦❤ .

Emack & Bolio's - one of, if not the best ice cream parlour in America - has landed in Singapore and their arrival brings with them a whole variety of outrageous flavours (35 to be exact!) and crazy cones which will be sure to bring you loads of happiness! 😄 .

From flavours like their out-of-this-world Cosmic Crunch and Space Cake to wacky flavours like their Stoney's Dream and Gabba Gabba Gooba, you can go wild customising your cones/cups with whatever flavour combinations you can dream up. The only limit is your imagination! 💡. And the party doesn't just stop at the ice cream flavours! 🙌 Emack & Bolio's also has a variety of cones - Sugar, Waffle, Chocolate and Marshmallow - which will complement their delicious scoops perfectly! Out of all these cones, I highly recommend getting their Marshmallows Cones ($3.50) - chewy marshmallow goodness studded with childhood cereal favourites like Fruity Pebbles, Coco Pops, Froot Loops and Rice Krispies 😋 .

Featured here is a Triple Scoop ($15) - "Deep Purple" Chip, Matcha and Chocolate Addiction (from top to bottom) - on a Froot Loops Marshmallow Cone! 😍 .

As a chocoholic, I really enjoyed their Serious Chocolate Addiction 🍫 flavour which is essentially a chocolate moose ice cream with fudge chunks and chocolate flakes. The generous, and I mean REAL GENEROUS, serving of fudge chunks and chocolate flakes along with the rich chocolate taste have me completely hooked on this flavour!

Their "Deep Purple" Chip, black raspberry ice cream with white and dark chocolate chips, is another flavour which I like. Besides being sweet, it is also tangy and as such, will appeal to those who do not have much of a sweet tooth! 👍 .

The Matcha though? I would have preferred for it to be more bitter. As it was, it was a tad too sweet for my tastebuds 😅 .

All in all, Emack & Bolio's has an excellent variety of ice cream flavours for you to take your tastebuds on a sweet escape! 🍫🍬🍰 . .

Thanks Andy for the kind invite, warm hospitality and the lovely ice cream treats ❤