Eatigo 50% and free flow papadum? Yes please?? 😍😍 Fish Head Curry came with a huge fish head with thick chunks of meat (though some parts were slightly dry) but overall, the curry was flavorful without being jelat and went so well with the different naans (plain, butter, garlic and kulcha). Love how the naan is done just right here, crisp on the outside with a nice chewy thickness (tho would have preferred it just a slight bit thicker for a better bite). The free flow papadum and water was the ultimate plus point and was key for us to finish every drop of that curry! Wish that they gave more vegetables tho (3 lady fingers to 1 huge fish head is quite a strange ratio HAHA) Great service too where the waiters didn’t rush our meal even past the closing time, which is truly commendable and great customer service!! Comfortable setting and made extremely worth it with eatigo’s 50% deal 👍🏻👍🏻

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