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Eatigo 50%

Eatigo 50%

Featuring SONS, Group Therapy (Duxton), Breko Café, Ottoman Kebab & Grill (Global Kitchens), Marché Mövenpick ([email protected]), Marché Mövenpick (VivoCity), Guksu Restaurant, The Wicked Garlic (Cineleisure), Morganfield's (VivoCity), Long Beach Seafood Restaurant (Dempsey)
Ade Tan
Ade Tan

The platter came with minced lamb kebab, minced chicken kebab, grilled lamb cubes and grilled chicken cubes. Liked that their meats weren’t too salty and not overly dry, and lamb was done pretty well and flavourfully 😋😋 Side of pickled cabbage was really refreshing and a nice contrast to the meats, but rice was slightly disappointing and not as fragrant as I expected. Definitely well worth with eatigo’s 50% off!

Always end up getting the platter at this kind of Mediterranean places (cause who understands the menu 😂😂) The mezza platter came with hummus, motabal, tabbouleh, fattoush, warek aresh, falafel and rakakat bel jebneh, served with 4 airy pita breads. The dips were pretty average and nothing much to shout about, except the cranberry was a good mix of crunch. The falafels were nicely done as well, but only 2 in a big platter 😢😢 Really worth with eatigo 50% off, but don’t think I’ll pay full price for this though 🤔🤔

Omg finally a cake that can fight with their apple pie 😍😍 Chose this unglamorous photo over the typical one to show every single layer of goodness omg. Caramel-filled brownie tart at the base with a piece of dark chocolate with peanut butter below and chocolate above, topped off with the main star - a huge chocolate truffle filled with hazelnut cream 🤤🤤 Brownie layer could be improved on, but the upper layers totally carried the whole dish. Would buy this as a birthday cake if I could 👍🏻👍🏻 (also available on eatigo 50% say whuuuut)

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Don’t quite know where to begin for this, but wow. Finally understand what everyone was saying about not needing a knife, cause this has to be one of the most tender beef cheeks I’ve ever encountered 🤭🤭 Juicy and fork-level-easy tender, this is definitely a must try and still can’t get over how good this is?? Even the roasted peppers and olives on the side were delicious (I hate olives btw), with a normal side of mash. Only gripe would be that since it’s such an amazing dish, it’s only lacking that extra touch to the mashed potatoes to complete the perfection. Definitely do try especially when there’s eatigo 50% at dinnertime, and every other app possible like burpple/entertainer 👍🏻👍🏻

Although clearly store-bought pasta, appreciated that the pasta was done al dente and nicely tossed in olive oil. Half expected the dish to come in tomato sauce, but like this version as well! Decent serving of toppings and definitely quite a satisfying olive-oil-based pasta! 🤤🤤 Really worth it especially with eatigo/burpple/entertainer for the food and anbience 👍🏻👍🏻

Understood nothing of the name but so glad we ordered it!! Essentially two salted cod cake with cheesy uni sauce, and both of went so well with each other and the salted cod cake was so good with so much flavour with every bite?? 🤤🤤 Don’t quite know how to describe this so do try this for yourself!! (especially since this place is available for eatigo 50% off at dinner time too!)

Appreciated the freshness of the squid but the batter simply wasn’t crispy enough 😢😢 The Mediterranean sauce was a nice tangy dip to dunk the calamari into, but didn’t help with the lack of crispiness. A little steep even with eatigo’s 50%, but do try their risottos and pastas! 😊😊

A little underwhelming compared to the other dishes sadly 😢😢 Didn’t particularly enjoy the crust that was neither thin nor thick, and the pistachio puree was lost in the pizza somehow. Did enjoy the generous serving of Italian mortadella sausage, but definitely not something I would order again when their risottos and pastas fare much better. But then again available with eatigo 50% so all’s good 😅😅

A traditional Napoli pasta with anchovies, black olives and capers in tomato-based sauce, topped off with a small slab of grilled seabass. Really liked the bite of the pasta in this dish that went well with the chunky sauce that was full of flavour! Seabass was nicely seared with a beautiful crispy skin, but could have used a little touch of seasoning. Lovely dish all in all, definitely a must try after their risottos, especially with eatigo’s 50% and fantastic service! 👍🏻👍🏻

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Simple as it may look, loved the addition of aromatic Kampot black pepper that really elevated this dish by levels 🤤🤤 Wished that the rich blend of 4 cheeses I was promised from the menu could have been richer and more hearty, but it was a satisfying carbonara-ish linguine. Especially with eatigo’s 50% off, I say why not? 😋😋

Yum??? Sounded good on the menu, looked good when served, tasted good when eaten 😍😍 First time trying risotto in pink sauce and it didn’t disappoint! Would have liked the risotto to be slightly less cooked for a better bite, but it definitely wasn’t mushy and I loved the addition of pomegranate (?) for that extra crunch! The lovely dish came with 3 beautifully seared scallops. Definitely a must order if it’s still on the specials, and such value with eatigo’s 50% off with fantastic service and hospitality! Lovely ambience be it for a group catch-up or date night, and you know it’s authentic when the owner hails from the beautiful (and yummy) Italian city of Palermo 👍🏻👍🏻

Must say that this has been one of the better (if not best) kebab platters I’ve tried in Singapore?? 😍😍 Meat was far from dry and very very tasty, albeit a little too salty towards the end of the meal. Loved the generous portions and great variety of 5 different kebabs (chicken, beef, lamb chops), all of which were done fantastically (yes even the chicken). Bonus of salad at the side was refreshing and a blanket of Arabic rice was really really flavourful and helped to balance out the meal. Lovely attentive service with water provided and nice outdoor al fresco ambience, definitely do give this platter a try! (Especially since it’s available on eatigo 50% as well!) 👍🏻👍🏻

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Cause food makes the world go round (and me too 🐽🐽) Good food good lobangs @adeateee

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