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Eatigo 50%

Eatigo 50%

Featuring Group Therapy (Duxton), Ottoman Kebab & Grill (Global Kitchens), Breko Café, Marché Mövenpick ([email protected]), Marché Mövenpick (VivoCity), Guksu Restaurant, The Wicked Garlic (Cineleisure), Morganfield's (VivoCity), Long Beach Seafood Restaurant (Dempsey), Marché Mövenpick (Suntec City)
Ade Tan
Ade Tan
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Movenpick ice cream never fails!! 🍦🍦Espresso croquant flavour was so rich and chocolates and coffeey at the same time, so good that it carried the mediocre waffle that could have been crispier. But can’t complain with eatigo’s 50% off deal! 👍🏻👍🏻

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Very dense cheese cake that is very decent with eatigo’s 50% off 😋😋 But the cheese has a v strong taste (not in the best way), definitely one of their best cakes but still a decent cheesecake nonetheless!

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Angel hair aglio olio was pretty nicely done! Not too oily (in fact bordering dry) and nice on the palate. Could have been more generous with the shreds of crab meat, but not asking for much with eatigo’s 50% off 😅😅

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Lightly battered but a little oily! Liked that every batter bit coated a full onion fully (not empty batter without onions) and the garlic mayo at the side was the perfect complement. A bit steep at the original price and would only buy it with eatigo’s 50% off 😅😅

What a feast at a good price with eatigo’s 50% off! 🐽🐽 Every dish was really good and here’s listing them in descending order of satisfaction:

1. Palek Paneer ($16+): way thicker in consistency than your typical palek paneer such that it was more like a paste, but so very flavourful with generous servings of paneer!
2. Vindaloo Curry Lamb (level 2 spicy) ($24+): lamb chunks were tender and the curry was 10/10 flavourful (though slightly on the oilier side), but a worthy sinful indulgence!
3. Murgh Makhini ($21.50): a pretty good rendition of butter chicken with generous servings of tandoori chicken!
4. Bread Basket ($15+): good variety of naans that includes plain, garlic, peshwari and lachha, one of which contained garlic in the centre and was really really good, while another was done with whole-wheat and the texture was more dense. Definitely an interesting variety of breads!
5. Kali Mirchi Kebab ($23+): nice grilled lamb that was absolutely not dry surprisingly, with a nice mint sauce that complemented it perfectly!

Though restaurant is not air-conditioned, you can ask to sit inside so it’ll be less warm. Service was good and water is provided. Family really enjoyed this meal and would definitely recommend this place despite the slightly higher prices, but it’s definitely worth it! 💯💯

Definitely a nice interesting take on your normal everyday pizza! Turkish-style boat-shaped pizza topped with chicken, lamb, vegetables and cheese 🤤🤤 Dough was nicely done at the edges and went really well with the generous portions of minced chicken and lamb, and coated completely with good cheese!! 💕💕 Well worth with eatigo’s 50% off and good for sharing! Lovely place to just chill for lunch or dinner to try a new cuisine like this!

Really good dish for sharing! The platter came with a combination of chicken, beef, lamb, meatballs, fish and prawns with grilled peppers, salad, 2 pides and 2 pilav. Portion of meat was pretty generous and not too dry thankfully. We liked their beef the best, and the lamb and chicken was not too bad as well. The fish was tender and prawns were a little small but nicely grilled. Pides were very nice and interesting, and everything went well with the amazing sauces (mushroom and tomato?). Though the pilav was just flavourless rice and was sorely disappointing, the overall dish was pretty good and came with a refreshing salad. Definitely well worth with eatigo’s 50% for a chill dinner after school! 👍🏻👍🏻

This was easily our favourite dish of the lot! Falafel patties were so dense and flavourful on the inside, and crispy and flaky on the outside! 🤤🤤 The deep fried falafel wasn’t too oily, and each of them was huge and very substantial! We also loved the hummus base that it came on top of, but wish that they could have been more generous with their hummus 😢😢 Side salad was refreshing but their tomato sauce deserves a mention! Really worth it with eatigo’s 50% off at a normal dinner time (1830)! 👍🏻👍🏻

Simply can’t find fault with any of the dishes presented here! I guess first impressions do matter cause the huge razor clams that they started the meal with was juicy and fresh, and topped generously with garlic and fried shallots for the ultimate umami starter! Drunken prawn soup was also extremely flavorful with a strong alcoholic aftertaste. Black pepper crab was definitely the winner here with 3 huge crabs cooked with black pepper sauce worth licking every shell clean! Roast meats was also nicely done, but more surprising was the nice preserved vegetables on the side?? Fried taupok was served with a tangy chili topping, mushroom vegetable soup tasted very putien style and stir fried noodles was pretty good. Overall, a very satisfying meal with 💯💯 ambience as they provided us a private room for our birthday celebration. Fantastic service and definitely a nice place for special occasions! 👍🏻👍🏻

Though not your typical seafood white beehoon, but it was definitely still flavorful with every bite! Generous with ingredients like prawns, fishcake, sotong, clams, kailan and fried egg bits, it was a wholesome and very very yummy dish! (Especially with the mad eatigo discount of 50%) 👍🏻👍🏻

Admittedly this was pretty nice?? Fried ngoh hiang with prawn filling dipped in sweet sauce, truly a combination that doesn’t fail 🤤🤤 Only worth with eatigo’s 50% off, if not the other dishes are more filling and value, but definitely a yummy dish! 😋😋

Braised peanuts were nice, but braised egg was meh. Portion came a little smaller than I expected, but with eatigo’s 50% off, you can order as many servings of peanuts as possible! Perfect to pair with Bat Kut Teh 👍🏻👍🏻

Cause food makes the world go round (and me too 🐽🐽) Good food good lobangs @adeateee

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