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Finally tried the gelato here! Got the double scoop ($6.50 + $0.70 per premium flavour) + drink (~$5 + $1 for ice) set under burpple beyond. The pistachio was nutty but rather sweet. Interestingly, the cereal milk tasted exactly like fruit loops with small bits of cereal inside - I liked that it different from usual renditions! The peanut butter & jelly tasted like Reese, but the jam was a little odd. Our favourite was actually the coffee caramel - which had no hint of caramel, but a strong coffee flavour with lingering bitterness. I wasn’t a big fan as I found the ice cream too sweet, and was disappointed because it melted very quickly (we had 1/3 cup full of melted ice cream at the end, that none of us who stomach finishing). The drinks weren’t anything to shout about either!