ice cream 🍨

ice cream 🍨

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R Goh
R Goh

Be prepared to wait twenty minutes to enter the shop! The queue is very well managed and staff are friendly. Unfortunately, I don’t quite see the appeal. Whilst creamy, the ice cream is far too sweet and artificial tasting. Opted for single scoops ($5) of yam and black sesame - their signatures would probably fare better but I doubt I’d be heading back any time soon!

Ordered a double scoop ($7.60 + $1 per premium flavour) on a waffle bowl ($1) - didn’t like these flavours as much. The houjicha was a tad too sweet, albeit smokey and rich. The dark forest tasted like Meiji chocolate milk with some bites of chocolate cake and pieces of cherries - no hint of brandy at all and certainly not worth the premium!

Never quite liked the Salted Caramel at Thomson, but decided to give this new outlet a try. Was very very pleasantly surprised at how decadent their ice cream is now! Opted for a double scoop ($7.60 + $1 per premium flavour) on a waffle bowl ($1). The rum & raisin packs the heat of alcohol but rounds it off nicely with juicy sweetness. The pistachio is rich and creamy, with large chunks of nuts folded within!

Paired the new lychee basil sorbet with my all-time favourite coconut ($7 + $0.50 for cone)! Tastes like your childhood lychee jelly on first impression, but the sorbet is refreshing and I liked the chewy bits of lychee inside.

Tried the yuzu gin ($3.80 + $0.50 for cone) during an earlier visit and found it sorely lacking - tasted like juice concentrate with its sticky one-dimensional sweetness and nary a hint of alcohol. Also a very measly-sized scoop!

Want very much to assure that Geometry is as good even after changing hands but I’d be hard pressed to say so. I’ve found the ice cream lacking after a few trips - the scoops are smaller, the texture inconsistent, the flavour flatter. Opted for a double scoop ($5.50 + $0.70 per premium flavour) of rum & raisin and goma.

Gelatolabo recently opened their third outlet in a mixed use space, sharing it with a coffee joint and upcoming pizzeria! It’s a bustling place with lots of warmth from the staff.

The flavours I wanted to try were out of rotation, so I opted for a double scoop ($8, + $1 per gourmet flavour / + $2 per alcoholic flavour) of their best sellers - navel orange & white chrysanthemum and sakura smoked artichoke & pear. The floral flavour of the first is tinged with a mellow sweetness, giving it more depth than most other renditions. The other takes you by surprise - the woody aroma hits first, followed hints of savouriness and lastly ending with a briny honey. It has such a complex flavour profile that whilst unconventional, melds together perfectly. A very intriguing, innovative find - I look forward to trying more!

Got a double scoop ($6.70, + $1 per premium flavour) on my first visit! Tried the cinnamon brown bread, which surprisingly tastes exactly as you’d imagine with a hint of ginger. The white chrysanthemum with cacao nibs is a clear mimic, but it does well enough on its own - I enjoyed the light floral sweetness balanced by bitter cacao. It’s not the most accessible place and lacks a distinct draw, so I’ll only be back if I’m in the area.

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I’m a big fan of Denzy, but I find their service terribly lacklustre - especially now that they disallow dine-in if you’re using deals like Burpple Beyond or Chope. They’ve also increased the number of flavours that cannot be redeemed using these deals! Opted for our favourite hojicha and cereal milk. Tried two new flavours - wasn’t fond of the raspberry ruby chocolate, but the mango yuzu had a brilliant medley of saccharine sweetness and tart citrus!

Balked a little at the tiny cone and high price point, but the mini ($8) turned out to be surprisingly substantial. The price is made a little more palatable with 1 for 1 deals! The gelato melts a tad too quickly, but it’s thick with a great sticky texture. Loved how rich the 75% dark chocolate and pistachio were!

Opted for a triple scoop during an earlier visit ($8) (+ $0.70 per premium flavour) - this has my personal favourites! I love the brandied cherries nestled amid rich chocolate in dark forest, and the fragrance of earl grey tie guan yin. The seasonal guava was really refreshing!

Opted for a triple scoop ($8) (+ $0.70 per premium flavour) of rum & raisin, pistachio and chrysanthemum. Each flavour is rich and creamy!

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