ice cream 🍨

ice cream 🍨

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R Goh
R Goh

Back for another round of double scoops ($6.40, + $1 per premium flavour)! Denzy has a large array of flavours, each made from superb ingredients. We paired dark chocolate with cereal milk in one, and elderflower mojito with mango blood orange & kombucha in the other. The first cup was rich and decadent, the intense cacao giving way to a sweeter finish. The second was much lighter and refreshing on the palate with bright bursts of flavour and a tart end!

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It says a lot when my previous review here was less than a month ago :p got our usual double scoop ($5.40) (+$0.70 per premium flavour) with both old favourites and new flavours of the month 🥳 of note is Gianduia, a rich chocolate with hazelnuts - I thought it’d be like all other Nutella-esque flavours but this one really impressed me with its smooth nuttiness!! Bliss, their pink guava flavour, also won me over with its refreshing zest. Pistachio and rum & raisin were good as usual!

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The team behind Geometry is always innovating and improving their ice cream, which makes it a joy to return! Got a double scoop ($5.40) as usual. Was surprised to find that they had zhnged their strawberry cheesecake (+$0.70) by adding peach to it - definitely made it more fragrant! Hojicha was super satisfying with its earthly roasted flavour.

Located near Bishan interchange, Denzy Gelato is well known and loved. We got two double scoops ($6.40 each, +$1 per premium flavour)! Loved how creamy and richly flavoured the gelato was. Paired their dark chocolate with hojicha - the chocolate was decadent, and the hojicha well-roasted. Had pistachio with raspberry in our other cup - the first was a tad too sweet but strong and nutty whilst the latter had bright burst of tartness. It gets rather crowded but will definitely be back for more!

aRoma never disappoints with its ice cream. We got 2 bambino cones ($5.20 each + $0.70 per premium flavour) - one with macadamia and the other with dark chocolate. Both were rich in flavour and super smooth!

You know the stall has something going when they dedicate their entire business to one flavour, and the soft serve cone ($3.50) did not disappoint. Smooth and creamy, the ice cream had a distinct tea flavour and just the right amount of sweetness. A real steal with Shopback’s 1 for 1!

You know you’ve got a happy problem when you’re faced with rows of ice cream flavours and have trouble picking which to try!! Stood there for a good 10 minutes - kudos to the staff for their friendly service and patience 🌟 really enjoyed the pistachio and mocha - both had substantial nutty bits, which added texture and flavour. The pistachio was on the sweeter side, but the mocha was delightfully balanced with slight bitterness! Also tried the yuzu, which was a bright burst of citrus. Rum & raisin was pretty sweet but I must commend the intensity of alcohol. Got two 4oz cups using the burpple beyond deal ($5), which is such a steal! Will definitely be back to try more 👍🏼

Finally got to try the chocolate platter ($14), which is only available on burpple beyond at Funan! We decided to get two ice cream platters because the pastry and chocolate platters looked too small to be shared amongst a group. Turned out to be a great decision because we were stuffed with these scoops! Each plate comes with 3 types of 70% dark chocolate ice cream, made using beans from Costa Rica, Cuba and Dominic Republic. The chocolate isn’t as dark as you’d expect, nor are the flavour profiles easily discernible. But we still enjoyed the rich chocolate, and the variations - one was fruity, one was honeyed and one reminded us of smoked wood.

Smoocht features vegan ice cream made from brown rice milk! I tried a single scoop ($3.50) of Xiao Hei. It was textured with some graininess, but on the icier side. The black sesame flavour came through strongly! Definitely a good addition to cater to those with dietary restrictions, but I think I might prefer the traditional dairy ice creams!

Popped by when I was in the area! Salted Caramel boasts of egg-free ice cream made in house daily, using fresh and natural ingredients. Tried a double scoop ($6.80) of dark chocolate and roasted pistachio - both were richly flavoured and creamy, a real indulgence! Found the ice cream to be a little sweet though, and would definitely enjoy having some variation in texture.

I don’t come by frequently nowadays, but Merely is a good decision whenever you’re in the area. We got Valrhona chocolate ($4.20, premium single scoop) (which is delightfully rich) and nutty beer ($4.20, premium single scoop) (which tastes true to the drink and comes with small pieces of nuts). Would love to see a greater variety of flavours (hasn’t changed much over the years), but the perpetual crowd is testament to the quality of their handmade ice cream crafted from natural ingredients! #oldisgold

Made it back to try this month’s flavours! Geometry hits all the right notes as usual. This double cup ($5.40) features strawberry earl grey (+ $0.70, strong tea flavour with the lingering sweetness of jam) and mango pomelo (+ $0.70, perfectly smooth and richly flavoured mango sorbet, with bursts of bitterness from the pomelo) 👍🏼🌟 #oldisgold

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