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ice cream 🍨

ice cream 🍨

Featuring Tom's Palette, Salted Caramel (Thomson), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Dopa Dopa Creamery, 108 Matcha Saro (Suntec City), Denzy Gelato, Geometry, Birds of Paradise (Jewel Changi Airport), aRoma (Arab Street), The Dark Gallery (Funan)
R Goh
R Goh

I’m a big fan of Denzy, but I find their service terribly lacklustre - especially now that they disallow dine-in if you’re using deals like Burpple Beyond or Chope. They’ve also increased the number of flavours that cannot be redeemed using these deals! Opted for our favourite hojicha and cereal milk. Tried two new flavours - wasn’t fond of the raspberry ruby chocolate, but the mango yuzu had a brilliant medley of saccharine sweetness and tart citrus!

Balked a little at the tiny cone and high price point, but the mini ($8) turned out to be surprisingly substantial. The price is made a little more palatable with 1 for 1 deals! The gelato melts a tad too quickly, but it’s thick with a great sticky texture. Loved how rich the 75% dark chocolate and pistachio were!

Opted for a triple scoop during an earlier visit ($8) (+ $0.70 per premium flavour) - this has my personal favourites! I love the brandied cherries nestled amid rich chocolate in dark forest, and the fragrance of earl grey tie guan yin. The seasonal guava was really refreshing!

Opted for a triple scoop ($8) (+ $0.70 per premium flavour) of rum & raisin, pistachio and chrysanthemum. Each flavour is rich and creamy!

Island Creamery has lost the charm of its earlier days. Service is curt and unfriendly, which was quite a turn off. The serving of double scoop ($7) in each cup also varies considerably and is definitely not worthwhile! Enjoyed the kopi and banana, which were richly flavoured. The teh tarik felt a tad thin and too sweet. The soursop pomegranate was most disappointing - nary a hint of soursop or tartness.

Opted for a medium cup ($5)! Tried tiramisu for the second time, and am happy that they’ve improved it with the addition of finger biscuits :-) it melts really quickly and I’d love a stronger espresso flavour, but the alcohol is robust. The genmaicha is nicely roasted with a mild sweetness!

Finally made it back to Tom’s Palette at their new location! The crowd comes in at 9 pm, so I’d recommend coming earlier to avoid the snaking queue. Opted for rum & raisin, Vietnamese coffee and dark chocolate in a large cup ($5)! It was my first time trying Vietnamese coffee, which is hand-dripped. Enjoyed the strong caffeine kick and lingering bitterness! The alcoholic sweetness from the raisins balanced it really well.

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Filled this jumbo cup ($10) with rum & raisin, tiramisu and 96% sugar free chocolate. The rum & raisin lacked any alcohol and instead had a chemical aftertaste. The chocolate was thick and reminiscent of baking chocolate, but still exceedingly sweet - its name is a misnomer! The tiramisu fared the best, with a slight bitterness that balanced the flavours. Doubt I’d be making a return visit even if the steep prices are made a tad more palatable with Burpple’s one for one - this was a decidedly unsatisfying ice cream shop.

Was probably a little ambitious when purchasing the jumbo cup ($10) - its big enough to feed a few people! Opted for berry cheesecake, lychee, mango and passionfruit in this cup. The berry cheesecake was a huge miss with the unpleasant taste of instant creamer, whilst the lychee disappointed with the syrupy sweetness of cordial. Our favourite was the passionfruit - extremely tart and a refreshing change!

Snagged a 1 for 1 via the Suntec app! Opted for a mix of matcha and hojicha for the soft serve ($4.90) - I couldn’t tell the difference between the two after awhile, but the matcha was pleasantly bitter and the hojicha had a good roasted flavour. One of the better ones I’ve had!! It comes with either brown sugar or matcha sauce - I’d recommend the brown sugar for more dimension.

Was sorely deprived of my favourite ice creams during the circuit breaker, so I promptly made an order for Denzy when they resumed operations after a temporary closure. Their selection of flavours was trimmed down to optimise production - but even then, I had trouble selecting which to purchase!! Ended up with hojicha ($12), mixed berries ($16), dark chocolate ($16) and whiskey with salted pecan ($16) - snagged these at a 15% discount and with free delivery. They were very well received by the family!!

It’s impossible to narrow your selection down to one flavour, so we always end up with a double scoop ($8.40) 😋 the first cup featured hojicha with cereal milk. The slightly bitter tang of roasted tea was balanced by a sweeter finish. The second cup had dark chocolate with burnt rice! The rich, intense flavour is complemented by hints of bitterness & saltiness. I particularly liked that the burnt rice had lots of texture to it!

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