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We walked past this South Indian restaurant before (the first time we decided not to try as we thought we were early (11 ish) and saw no customers inside the restaurant).πŸ€”
This time we look and again see none! 😱 Until we stand there and ponder as it is a hot afternoon today and we are so hungry! Someone leave the door ajar and we see a big family group sitting inside the restaurant. Our confidence soars even more when we notice one man rushing before us to get into the restaurant.πŸ˜†
We found out that the place is not well lit so it looks as if none inside at peak hour lunch time. The pic shows what we order for 2 persons (Total bill $25) No service charge (only GST 7% applied)
Note πŸ“: the place got quite a mixed review in google but don’t be intimidated by that. The staff might seem rush to take your order but they are responding to our request quite fast.πŸ€“