Checked out Inside Scoop’s first outpost in Singapore, which is situated along North Bridge Road within the Kampong Glam neighbourhood — situated along the stretch of shophouses where (working title) Burger Bar is located, the shophouse is decked in a cheery colour scheme; something that is bound to attract children and youngsters alike especially.

Some of its signature flavours from Malaysia are available here — such as that of their Mango Sorbet, Cempedak and Durian ice-cream, and patrons can also choose to go for a Charcoal Waffle or Signature Waffle to go alongside their ice-cream apart from the usual waffle cone and cup options. The Houjicha Ice-Cream is one that would pitch itself well even with those offered from tea specialists — carries a very distinct hint of roastiness from the Japanese tea with its deep bitter undertones; fragrant and punchy, and works especially well for a post-meal treat that cleanses the taste buds. That being said, it is the Cempedak Ice-Cream that really set the impression for us; the Cempedak Ice-Cream carrying a sweetness similar to that of durian, but not the pungency signature to the king of fruits that makes it easy to finish and not overwhelmingly rich in its finish.

While the entire area is filled with ice-cream parlours such as Monarch & Milkweed, Twenty Grammes etc., Inside Scoop does make for a good option in the area with the flavours we had tried; no doubt being more on the safer side, but are very well-executed being sufficiently creamy but also punchy with its intended flavours. One of the spots I am looking forward to revisiting again soon!

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